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About Auto IRA

The Automatic IRA has been proposed as a way for the roughly half of U.S. workers that are not offered a 401(k) or any other type of employer-sponsored plan to save for retirement.

The Auto IRA would enable employees to use an employer’s payroll system to channel savings to an IRA, similar to the way in which employees save through a 401(k). Employees would initiate saving, using their own money and choosing how much and where to save. Benefits include:
About Auto IRA
  • Application of successful elements of employer-based retirement savings such as payroll deposit saving, automatic enrollment and diversified default investments.
  • Easy set up with minimal cost to the employer, especially for employers who already use direct deposit of paychecks.
  • Ability for employers to facilitate employee savings without taken on a plan sponsorship role.
  • Portability when an employee changes jobs.
As currently proposed, automatic IRAs would be provided by existing financial institutions and could be chosen by either the employee or the employer, while still allowing each employee to transfer funds to a preferred IRA provider. A temporary tax credit has been proposed to companies offering an automatic IRA, to offset any administrative costs of implementation.

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